Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Heating fuel types

Since I am finishing details work on my town I needed to determine if and when natural gas came to towns in Saskatchewan. You would think this should be dead simple thing to google NO. As near as I can find it came in the fifties I have a picture of the Sask Power Gas trucks lined up in front of the head office in Regina in 1957. I did come across the logo that Sask power used during this time which will come in handy for a truck or 2. Why do I need to know this you ask...well I need to determine what percent of houses would have had coal delivery or fuel oil delivery in 1959. So as a result most house will get gas, 1 will get coal and 1 will get fuel oil. I do know that during this time period that almost all farm houses would have received heating oil. So my farm house has an outside connection for this. The line is connected to a tank that would have been in the basement to keep it warm and thus fewer problems during extreme cold.

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