Wednesday, 15 November 2017

CNR Ice House

CNR Ice House
I scratch built this from CNR plans that came in a bundle from the CN Lines. I use this process to layout and cut the building see this post. How I build all my scratch projects

I modeled a 500 ton version because of the space I had, but you could go bigger if you wanted, the plans were for a 1000 T. The ladders and doors are scratch built, the windows and hinges are Tichy. The roof is 80 grit sandpaper airbrushed black and glued on with Lepage Pres-tite spray adhesive. Which is a very good glue and you only get one chance to lay the paper. I cut the roofing paper just a little larger than the roof and trimmed off the excess once the glue had set and then added the fascia boards. You do not have to be as fussy laying the paper in this way. The siding is from Evergreen along with the other parts. The cement piles are just .08 styrene rod painted with Delta Ceramcoat mudstone craft paint that I use for concrete, they are then planted in the foam scenery to match up with the above timbers. The sling track that comes out the end under the peak is code 55 rail. I air brushed the building CN #11 box car red. The doors are painted yellow using Polyscale cat whisker yellow which seems to be close to the CN cream yellow colour. I then weathered it with some chalks and then sprayed it with a mat finish.

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