Saturday, 11 November 2017

Using your smart phone with Digitrax

I had my phone hooked up to my layout yesterday Engine Driver/JMRI/Digitrax simplex and it worked better.  Before there always seemed to be a problem that it would not always take a direction change, especially if you were switching and going back and forth a lot. The problem is with the Digitrax command station.The Digitrax command station can't be fixed. The Fix??? Well on our trip to Lethbridge Peter was telling me that if it will not take a change in direction you can press any function button F0-F4 which will send the packet as they are part of the same packet as direction. The command to change was always there it just didn't get sent????? This issue affects all types of throttles. This would have been nice if Digitrax had disclosed this years ago even if there was not an ability to correct the firmware.
I really like to use the phone as it is easier and more intuitive for new operators. I have also gathered a couple of old phones from the kids, cheap throttles.
If you go into roster in JMRI you can go to Labels and Media in the bottom right corner. Once you have this open you can add the description for each function that your decoder has. When you load the engine to your phone only the function you have on the list will appear. You need to set the preference on the phone to use labels from the roster. If there is a function that you do not want use you just leave it blank in JMRI labels and then it will then not show up. Hope you find this use full.

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