Saturday, 25 November 2017

Power pole insulators

Today I had to glue up some more insulators for my scratch built power poles. So I thought I would take some pictures. I start out with insulators from Tichy part #8158. I cut them from the sprue and run a drill bit though the hole to make sure that is clear. Then cut out each one from the the group they are in making sure to cut on the flat side of each to leave the domed top that the wire would attach to.

I then take a .015 wire put bend in the end and then start sliding the insulator on to the wire all facing the same way. Once they are all on I put a bend in the other end of the wire. Now they are all locked on to the wire and can't go flying across the room. I now side them out and space them and then go along and give each one with a shot of CA. Once that is set I can cut off how many I need to add to the poles. The extra can just stay on the wire. I leave enough wire attached to the insulator so I can attach it to the pole.

I have not installed the brases to support the 4x4 yet

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