Thursday, 21 December 2017


The fascia is built from ⅛ in hard board with a top support for the screws to go into. The fascia is painted  CN green #11 and took a lot of bottles of model paint about 600. No that is not true. I airbrushed a piece of styrene about 2 in square with Modelflex CN green # 11 and took that down to Home Hardware and they colour matched it for me. I could put Modelflex paint on the fascia after it was painted and you could not tell the difference. I had intended to put a yellow band on the bottom of the fascia, and along with my back curtains, it would look similar to the 1954 passenger scheme. It is one of those things that I have just not got to yet. When I do I will have Home Hardware match some paint to CN #11 yellow.
The curtains were cut,sewn and installed by my wife. They are held to the fascia with velcro that is glued to the back of the fascia along the bottom edge and to the back of the curtains with fabric glue. They have held up very well. It is intended that at some point in the near future we will add pieces of velcro to the bottom of the curtains to better hold them in place at the bottom causing them to hang a little straighter.
The curtains also hide the storage that is under the layout. under the peninsula for the branch line there is space for just about all of our Christmas decorations, under the town is where all of our luggage is stored and so on.
It is cut to match the contours of the scenery.

Other items of interest on the fascia from left to right.
  • a rerailer
  • switch list for the yard crew generated by JMRI
  • control rod for a yard switch. I will cover those in a different post.
  • yellow labels and logos are printed and applied with a kids glue stick. 
  • folding throttle/cup holder. I had bought some at Canadian Tire that were white and I repainted them black. They were half the price of hobby ones and are really sold as cup holders for boats.
  • bad order sheet for anything that needs repair or attention, it works well and guys can fill it in during ops sessions
  • a Rapido passenger car magnet on a stick to remove the coal loads from hoppers at the coal doc
  • engine cards for the yard switchers
  • uncoupling tool holder. I explained it in an different post
  • pen that has an LED light in the end of it, it helps some of the visually challenged read the car numbers better.
  • that snake in the bottom right is the vacuum hose as I was cleaning up. The floor is carpeted everywhere and has in floor heat. 
This shows the Digitrax UR91, DCC Specialties RRampMeter display and closer view of rod pulls for switches on track 5 & 6 in the east end of the yard. The curtain is pulled back so you can just see the command station on it's shelf. As a side note my amperage is now up to 1.12 that is with 25 engines on the track of which just about all have sound and 4 actually pulling cars. We really over estimate how much power we need to run a layout.

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