Wednesday, 18 April 2018

My first locomotive

This is the first locomotive I ever researched, detailed and painted way back in 1996. At this point in time I was still leaning the difference between an GP and SD, what a dynamic brake, sand hatches, steam gen details were...hard to imagine now.
It was the first
  • thing I ever stripped
  • thing I had air brushed
  • time I tried and did weathering
  • time I had used AC for modeling
  • time I had ever done wet slide decals
  • time I had done any extra wiring

I bought this Athearn SD7 second hand as an SP that is old enough to have metal side frames. I stripped it and then added grab irons, lift rings, hoses, sunshades, wipers, chain in the end walk, a set of Microscale decals, MV lens for the class lights and 1.5V grain of wheat bulbs for the headlights. An interesting  note is that the bottle of paint that I used for this project is still usable even though it  is 21 years old.!  (I will explain  how I keep my paints and brushes alive that long in another post).  Back then I  had a Badger airbrush and this engine was painted with acrylic paint. This loco has always been a little noisy but it still looks good. 990 gets to run as loaner power every once in a while. It is a little old to be used as a demonstrator in 1959. It had a decoder installed in 2006 but still no sound. 

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