Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Farm Details Grain auger

I needed a grain auger for this scene and since you can't buy one I had to build one. This is a Sakundiak PTO drive 6" 33' which was manufactured in Regina Sask. It may be just outside of my 1959 cut off date but I was confident that most people would not realize that. I drew it up in CAD to have something to work from. To start with the frame would not support the auger when built to scale.   On the real auger this was 2x2" angle so I had to go to 3x3" and add wire in the angle.  It is still a little wobbly but it works.  This model is capable of sliding up and down to change the height if needed. The next difficulty was the exposed flighting at the bottom of the auger and I ended  up using  a small screw with coarse enough threads and some precise filing to produce the desired look .  I had to cut a few pullies before getting something I was happy with. They were then added along with a belt, The PTO shaft was added so it could be run from the tractor. The removable hopper on the end for truck unloading was made from some scrap .01 styrene. The tires and rims are from Hot Wheels because at the time I could not find any that would be correct. Now you can buy them on Shapeways or I could make some on my lathe. I intend to build a Mayrath auger  as I have found something that resembles a Briggs & Stratton motor. I already have the CAD drawing done for this auger. You could also have a gas or electric motor drive the auger. It would be able to reach the Rosco bin next to it. I will cover this topic in a second post.

The Cad drawing for this auger. Those are 16" cultivator shoves at the bottom

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