Monday, 18 May 2020

Lathe Learnings part 1

I am just getting around to setting up my Taig Lathe that Brian and I have. This is also another really nice to have tool. I have been using it to make things that pertain to HO scale railway modelling. There is alot of information on the net for this machine. This is something that I have wanted to learn for a long time. I purchased a 2 speed 1/3hp motor and have mounted it and the lathe on a board. The switch on the left is a STDP used to change between the speeds and the one on the right is a SPST for the main power. The three jaw chuck is installed and I am now ready to start learning. What I need at the moment is roof vents for my barn, a horse car and water tanks, a pot belly stove for my boom car and some vessel loads for some flat and gondola cars. I do not have the milling attachment yet. The size of the lathe works very well for HO scale projects. Having it on the board makes it movable.

I  have machined down some joiners that join the straws for the load  and little plugs for the ends of the straws because they are full of sand for weight.

I also made this vessel load for the gondola. It is made from 2 pieces of  PVC pipe and was turned so one fit inside the other and was also filled with sand for weight. The gondola is scratch built and is one of the cars I used for my NMRA AP Cars. The car is light because it is built from styrene and had no room for weight.

I also built the water tanks for these 2 cars from metal which also helped to add weight. This means the part can be custom made to fit the project. The 2 cars are also scratch built AP cars.

I also  managed to build a reasonable pot belly stove for this boom car. This is another car built for AP.

Milling weights and motor mounts for some of the brass locomotives is something that will also be very handy. I has also already come in handy for household projects.
As I do more projects I will add future posts on this topic.

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  1. nice looks like you have been covid virus building I'll have to drop by one of these days when I get up there