Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Lorlie an Foster Scenery part 2

 In the last post on this I got the track changed and the elevator moved in Lorlie. The old spot now needs to be smoothed out and some holes filled. My scenery is glued  down with a mixture of Weldbond and matte Mod Podge with equal amounts of both and it is then cut 35 glue with 65 water. All I have to do to remove it is wet it down and scrape it off. I use the matte Mod Podge because it is a flat finish, if you use just Weldbond it leaves the dirt looking wet. The track is glued down with just Weldbond and never moves but again you can sook it down and you can then get the track to come off. I have just changed to a new product for scenery glue called Rheotech Mat Polymer  which comes as a matte finish and works better at holding the dirt over time.

Here is the new placement of the elevator and the siding. The scratch built loading platform is on the right of the siding. I have also added the crossing in to the industrial part of town.

Here I have added the crossing and street to the industrial side of Foster with another scratch built loading ramp in position. The tooth picks mark out each of the lots for businesses. They are standard sized lots. So there are less businesses to model and it looks better as I feel less is more. I use real dirt and screened sand. The grade up to the track is done with just sand, once you have it in place you wet it down and glue it in place. It is real easy to work with you can sand an inch deep and have no trouble glueing it. If you tried that with dirt it would never work. If I want it to be dirt I add a covering of dirt after the sand has set up. This is a real easy way to have your terrain also rise and fall or to fill holes.

I then did the same in Lorlie. The spot that the siding and elevator used to occupy is now hidden by scenery. The sand you see in picture has been glued down to fill holes and the parts that came up when I removed the track and elevator. I will then sprinkle it with dirt. I have also installed the street and a crossing behind the locomotive and another road that leads to the Station, a loading dock and a couple more businesses. I have also added the road from the exit of the elevator. 

I then painted the back drop for Foster and added the tall grass between the lots.  The loading platform has been sceniced along with rest of the right of way.

The same has been done in Lorlie.

I have also finished painting the backdrop on the main. I added  more fencing on the right of way on the main and the track to Lorlie and Foster. The tall grass was added before the fence went in. For the page wire I used metal window screen and 6"x6" wood posts to resemble the cedar posts the railways used.

The finished painted backdrop  on the main.

I then added my view blocks to Lorlie and Foster. I took pictures of groups of trees and printed them and then glued them to card stock  adding trees in front of them. The view blocks do not photograph well as the colour doesn't come through but they are green trees. The sticks just hold it in place.


This is the view block next to the main line. The leaves on these trees are a dark green but show up light in the photograph.

I then went and finished painting the backdrop in Atwater behind the elevators.

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